Sunday, 18 December 2016

A trip to London!

On the 17th of December I went on a trip to London! The first thing I did was wake up at 7 am me and Daddy got a train to London (which was a bit delayed!) we had tickets to go and watch Rogue 1! Along with that we: went to the Natural History Museum, ate at Rainforest Cafe,went to Piccadilly Circus,we went to M and M World,went to the National Portrait Museum,watched Rogue One (of course!), went to the London Eye and Christmas market to surprisingly catch a Snorlax!!! (a rare Pokemon!)

Rogue One poster

It was all really fun!! My favourite bit was Rogue One!!! My least favourite was the Portrait Museum!!! By the way sorry I haven't written a post for a long time!!! :( I really enjoyed the view from the Eye, especially at night!!!!

Child at Rainforest cafe

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Lonely Planet Kids Poetry Competition

The Museum

Find fossils of dinosaurs
Go and hear their roars

Learn lots of information
Have a sleep over celebration

Do science experiments
Learn about the elements

See a big blue whale model
While little toddlers toddle

Learn about the histories
With all of the mysteries

That's what I like about museums
Yeah yeah yeah!

by Harry Jain, aged 7

This is Harry's entry into the Lonely Planet Kids Poetry Competition.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Holiday in Cornwall!!!

On 10th of June to the 13th of June I was in Cornwall (and it isn't a wall of corn) there I stayed in the Esplanade hotel. It was a nice sunny beach next to the Esplanade and I love to go rock-climbing on the rocks there. On the 12th of June I went to the amazing Eden Project I loved it there. Did  you know that in one minute the size of a football pitch gets burnt down in a rain forest?!?!  

Children at the Eden Project

Me and Mia climbing in the playground at the Eden project.

Children climbing rocks in Cornwall
Me and Mia rock-climbing!  

Monday, 23 May 2016

My Grandad's Birthday

On 15th of May it was my Grandad's birthday we went to Tilgate Park. My mum, Grandad and uncle went climbing in the trees (Go Ape) while me and my cousins went to see animals,a giant pine cone tree(which dropped small,round pine cones) and my mum doing Go Ape! We ate in a pub and we ate pizza afterwards I got ice cream! because it was my grandad's birthday he (we) got a gigantic ice cream, unfortunately I didn't really like it so I just stuck to my original ice cream.

Children at Tilgate Park

me and my sister (Mia) on model animals (which you're suppose to put money in).

Thursday, 12 May 2016


On 8th of May we went to Legoland. The rides I went on were Atlantis,Lego cars (6-12 version), Laser raider,play areas and went to miniland where we saw lots of Lego buildings,trains,Lego people and different countries like:



England (including Brighton and London) and lots more others and it was our first heatwave the last one was in 1976  (40 years before 2016) it was boiling. In miniland my sister (Mia) kept chasing the train around and it was hilarious watching her she did it about 4/5 times. Wow she must've been worn out!                                                  
                                                                                Me riding/driving a Lego 6-12 version.

Child driving car at Legoland

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Running The Mini Mile

On Saturday the 16th of April I ran the mini mile and I ran it in about 11 minutes! I needed to run a mile it was hard work.

In this picture you can see a part of the running track and me in the background.

Child running the mini mile

It was very hard running the Mini Mile but I did it and ran all the way through!!!!!

Child running the mini mile

In this photo you can see me holding my mini medal (and I actually got a mini goody  bag)!!!!!!! 

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Weekend of Weddings

On the 25th of march my auntie got married to Nick. My auntie's family is Indian so on the 26th-27 they had a Indian wedding. So in this photo you can see me doing a reading here it is:

Congratulations best wishes cheers well done the the future's full of promise and it's only just begun you're starting on a journey a new exiting life together as a partnership as husband and as a wife adventures thrills and choices are waiting just for you the road will have some turnings and perhaps a bump or two but you'll be strong together you'll come through every test your love will deepen week by week be happy all the best.

Child doing a reading at a wedding

                                                            groom       bride
                                                                \/              \/

Wedding photo
                                                                      /\               /\
                                                        my sister                me

Child at an Indian wedding

At the Indian wedding I stole the grooms shoes and got £100 but I only got £50 (I gave £50 to my sister) how I got the shoes was my dad gave me his phone so I pretended to take photos!