Sunday, 18 December 2016

A trip to London!

On the 17th of December I went on a trip to London! The first thing I did was wake up at 7 am me and Daddy got a train to London (which was a bit delayed!) we had tickets to go and watch Rogue 1! Along with that we: went to the Natural History Museum, ate at Rainforest Cafe,went to Piccadilly Circus,we went to M and M World,went to the National Portrait Museum,watched Rogue One (of course!), went to the London Eye and Christmas market to surprisingly catch a Snorlax!!! (a rare Pokemon!)

Rogue One poster

It was all really fun!! My favourite bit was Rogue One!!! My least favourite was the Portrait Museum!!! By the way sorry I haven't written a post for a long time!!! :( I really enjoyed the view from the Eye, especially at night!!!!

Child at Rainforest cafe

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  1. My goodness what a lot you fitted into one day! Sounds like you had a great time x