Thursday, 12 May 2016


On 8th of May we went to Legoland. The rides I went on were Atlantis,Lego cars (6-12 version), Laser raider,play areas and went to miniland where we saw lots of Lego buildings,trains,Lego people and different countries like:



England (including Brighton and London) and lots more others and it was our first heatwave the last one was in 1976  (40 years before 2016) it was boiling. In miniland my sister (Mia) kept chasing the train around and it was hilarious watching her she did it about 4/5 times. Wow she must've been worn out!                                                  
                                                                                Me riding/driving a Lego 6-12 version.

Child driving car at Legoland

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  1. Lucky you having a hot sunny day to go to Legoland xx