Thursday, 31 March 2016

Weekend of Weddings

On the 25th of march my auntie got married to Nick. My auntie's family is Indian so on the 26th-27 they had a Indian wedding. So in this photo you can see me doing a reading here it is:

Congratulations best wishes cheers well done the the future's full of promise and it's only just begun you're starting on a journey a new exiting life together as a partnership as husband and as a wife adventures thrills and choices are waiting just for you the road will have some turnings and perhaps a bump or two but you'll be strong together you'll come through every test your love will deepen week by week be happy all the best.

Child doing a reading at a wedding

                                                            groom       bride
                                                                \/              \/

Wedding photo
                                                                      /\               /\
                                                        my sister                me

Child at an Indian wedding

At the Indian wedding I stole the grooms shoes and got £100 but I only got £50 (I gave £50 to my sister) how I got the shoes was my dad gave me his phone so I pretended to take photos!

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  1. The wedding was wonderful and you and Mia behaved impeccably. You must have been tired when it was all over.